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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Circulation Formula 106 Description: With Vitamin E, Cayenne and Hawthorn Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract begins with 100% organically grown garlic bulbs. They are then aged to perfection in a unique extraction process to eliminate odor and create beneficial compounds found only in Kyolic. This unique combination...
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Kroeger Herb Blood Toner Description: Maintains Purity of the BloodHerbal Supplement 100 Vegetarian Capsules Blood Toner provides a healthy foundation which is essential to our most important life giving system. Including this unique blend of herbs with a good diet is a treasure. Maintains purity of blood. Free Of Yeast,...
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Christopher's Blood Circulation Formula Description: Dr. Christopher's Organic or Wildcrafted Blood Circulation Formula This group of herbs feeds cayenne (a stimulant) and ginger (stimulant) into the circulatory system where the cayenne works from the bloodstream to the heart and arteries and out into the veins. The other herbs in the...
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Helps Support Healthy Joints, Cardiovascular Functions and More 250 mg Curcuminoids Complex with Volatile Oils of Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma longa) Non-GMO — Pesticide Free Clinically Tested — Patent PendingPowerful Antioxidant — ORAC Value 13,000± Curcu-Gel is a new enhanced bioavailability curcumin from Tishcon Corp. - the makers of enhanced bioavailability...
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Sanhelios Circu Caps Description: Butcher's Broom Dietary Supplement Helps Support Normal Circulation Including Circulation in the Sensitive Tissues of the Rectum The difference is the dosage. Circu Caps Higher Dose contains a more concentrated dried extract equivalent to 900mg Butcher's Broom rhizome per capsule. It's 3 times stronger per serving...
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Looking to maintain proper levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad) cholesterol in the normal range?Policosanol by Olympian Labs is an all- natural supplement derived from sugar cane which may help to decrease cholesterol production in the liver and increase the breakdown of LDL cholesterol.Studies suggest that Policosanol may also...
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Natural Solution For Healthy Blood CirculationOptiFlow helps to maintain healthy platelet function. There are several factors that can seriously affect cardiovascular health, including elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and impaired blood platelet function. Blood platelets can become “spiky” and more prone to clotting because of such factors as stress,...
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Nature's Way Leg Veins with Tru-OPCs Description: Leg Veins formula supports circulation and strengthens collagen for healthy vascular walls. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Ingredients: Butcher's broom root, cayenne (pepper fruit), dandelion leaf,...
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Nattokinase 1500 is an enzyme extracted from natto cheese, a dietary staple in Japan and believed to be the reason behind the country’s record low rate of heart disease. Unlike other similar products, Nattokinase 1500 is an enterically coated tablet. Each tablet passes through the stomach without being digested, where...
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Christopher's Blood Stream Formula Description: Organic or Wildcrafted This formula helps promote a healthy and clean blood stream. The blood stream is life itself, and it is important to keep it as clean and pure as possible so that as nutrients are efficiently delivered to the body, waste products are...
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Sanhelios Circu Caps with Butcher's Broom and Rosemary Description: Butcher's Broom and Rosemary Oil Helps Support Normal Circulation Helps Support normal circulation Circu Caps, a special formulation of Butcher's Broom and Rosemary Oil, is a dietary supplement that is used by people all over the world for maintaining normal circulation...
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